Animal Care

All employees are kept current on Pig Quality Assurance Plus and Transport Quality Assurance Plus training programs, to ensure proper care and handling of animals. These programs are taught by our veterinarian. In addition, employees at TLC give extra care to pigs examples of this would be: assisting all mothers giving birth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, drying all newborn piglets with a cotton towel at birth, making sure every newborn piglet receives colostrum milk, and night time help in nursery to ensure newly weaned pigs transition to eating and drinking properly.

Working with Industry Leaders & Producers Worldwide

Thomas Livestock is a thriving, growing company in the swine industry with a 22,000 sow, wean to finish operation currently employing over 200 people with the intent to continue to grow over the next several years. At Thomas Livestock our core value statement is “Doing What’s Right For People And Pigs.” By being committed to these values, we’ve been able to achieve the honor of being considered one of the top producing swine facilities in the world. We believe with this success comes an obligation to our industry to share what we’ve learned and what we know.
Once again in 2016, we at Thomas Livestock enjoyed a year of meeting new people, getting to better know some we already knew. We exchanged ideas, and philosophies on how best to grow our companies, within our industry around the world. Much discussion was exchanged, on how to improve the performance of your herd, compared to the potential of your herd’s performance, given your individual circumstances. The consensus was, the employer must care about their employees, and create the opportunities for them to be successful. Employees that feel cared for, and feel they have been given the proper tools needed to perform at the highest level, will in turn take pride in how they care for the animals. Animals that are better cared for and are exposed to less stress, will be HAPPY and more productive.
From April through October, Thomas Livestock hosted producers and Industry Leaders from across the United States. Also this year we were privileged to entertain guests from many foreign countries, including China, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Russia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Ukraine, Brazil, Columbia, Denmark, Spain, Germany, and the UK.
We very much enjoyed the time spent with our industry partners, and wish them the best!

Tour groups from Russia (top), Japan (middle), and China (bottom)

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