Canadian Tour

Last week we had representatives from Olymel, a Canadian integrator with 46,000 sows based in Saskatchewan, tour the Thomas Livestock facilities.

Representing Oylmel: Cliff Ehr, Casey Smit, Colin Pratt, and Zenon Forster
Representing PIC: Tom Riek, Mike Lariviere, and Steffen Klenk


The tour included a 5,500 head sow complex with Nedap ESF large group housing. A 6,250 head wean to finish barn, TLC’s feed mill operation and a 5,500 head sow system with individual housing.

We really enjoyed the two days together sharing ideas and having great conversations. Others involved in the tour were Dr. Larry Coleman, Dr. Clayton Smith, Gilbert Pearson, Steve Horton, Tim Chancellor, and Tim Friedel who all were representing Thomas Livestock.

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